Krurger National Park

This short competition was to design a welcoming center for the Kruger National Park in South Africa. This premise was to create a place where visitors can come to see the park.  Our proposal focused on a system that would, for extremely lost cost, sprawl out over the park, allowing visitors to experience each of the parks many biomes and various ecosystems. This system would be a network of camp sites that emphasized visitors’ total immersion into the nature of the park.
Each camp would be made of a series of modular structures based on a unique construction. The structure was a simple Arc with light weight textile covers. The structure was greatly influenced by traditional village structures, Mongolian Yurt construction, safari tents, and the nests of a local bird species. These were used due to their low impact on the environment, both in material usage, but also in long term landscape damage. The structure allowed for as-needed expansion as well as movement in camps.]
The shape of the arc allows for optimal solar mounting, as well as directional ventilation through the pavilions. All that is required to erect one of these structures in a series of post holes (two per arc) and the textile covering to suit the structure as needed.


Team Members: Andrew Vargo, Katie Moffatt, Joseph Ignatuis, Rita Seith